My About Page

My About Page December 4, 2013

My Rockaway Beach Footstool, taken May 5, 2013 am I ???  I asked my husband for help answering that question. Bob said, “You are definitely one in a million”, while chuckling. You see, I was born, on the kitchen floor, at the family farm in Idaho.  My Grandma Million was responsible for my safe delivery.  I was the first February 29ther (we are also referred to as “Leapers”) that year, in the Moscow area. The list of unique events grows from there, with many lonely times. For many years, my source of comfort has been, Psalm 139. I tend to be super serious, very emotional and empathetic.                                                                  I  do a pretty good Donald Duck imitation-that is as close to funny as I get. Also,my favorite football teams-since I was 15 years old are: The Steelers  & The Bears. I have a 3-fold purpose for Moving Mercifully Forward=MMF.                                  * This is a place where I share my raw loss struggles. ** I want folks to have a place they can feel free to share their stories. *** I want MMF to be a place to find encouragement, and coping ideas.                                                                                                                        photo

In time,  I  hope my daughter (Melissa Apperson)                                                                                                 will be encouraged, in these readings, while continuing to move forward,  glancing back, seeing the hurdles that God has given us the might to bound over.   Oh, and maybe Melissa will learn tidbits she never new about before.

I am not an expert on loss, although, I have lost more than 4 grandparents-some I wasn’t able to meet. I have lost several relatives that were very dear to me.  Co-workers, bosses and very   dear friends are on my list of losses.  My bio-Mom died,  a few years ago, before we could meet.       Each person held a special place in my life.                                                                                      My son,  Shawn Apperson,  died on May 3, 2013.                 His death, by far, is harder to cope with than I ever could imagine.

                                              IMG_2520   This is my son Shawn, he  was so proud of this igloo.  He made it  3 weeks after Lil’ E. was born, in January 2012            At the back, right,  the glow is a lantern he had placed inside.    I miss him so…

The months  Shawn  was in the hospital,  I did frequent post updates, on his condition. After Shawn died, folks encouraged me not to stop writing. They think it will be helpful in my grief process.                                                          For the most part I have been posting on the weekends.  So far, that seems the best time for my full schedule.                       If anyone wants to get in touch with me, please,  use: In closing, I hope folks will find this a place to grow through their own challenging times.  Grief comes in many different forms.  I hope folks will find that they are not alone.  May each find encouragement, seeing that  others have made it through many and  various difficult journeys.    K



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