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Who Would’ve Thought ??? September 27, 2014

I had so many different topics to choose from, but this one has me so thrilled, I had to go with it.                                                  I do not know how many folks are familiar with Rosacea.     The title “Who Would’ve Thought ???”, really fits.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Rosacea /rˈzʃiə/ is a chronic condition characterized by facial erythema (redness)[2] and sometimes pimples.[3] Rosacea affects all ages and has four subtypes, three affecting the skin and the fourth affecting the eyes (ocular type). Left untreated it worsens over time. Treatment in the form of topical steroids can aggravate the condition.[4]

It primarily affects people of northwestern European descent and has been nicknamed the ‘curse of the Celts’ by some in Britain and Ireland, although recently this has been questioned.[5] Rosacea affects both sexes, but is almost three times more common in women. It has a peak age of onset between 30 and 60.[citation needed]

Rosacea typically begins as redness on the central face across the cheeks, nose, or forehead, but can also less commonly affect the neck, chest, ears, and scalp.[6] In some cases, additional symptoms, such as semi-permanent redness, telangiectasia (dilation of superficial blood vessels on the face), red domed papules (small bumps) and pustules, red gritty eyes, burning and stinging sensations, and in some advanced cases, a red lobulated nose (rhinophyma), may develop.

If the above mentioned were a test, I would have aced it, as far as meeting all the criteria.

First: this is not said for sympathy, but maybe some of what I have learned  may help someone else.

  For me the facial rosacea started around 1999.  I will not go into detail of the looks of the breakouts-ugly yuk.              The ocular Rosacea began in 2003.   There seems to be nothing to help my eyes. I have to be tested regularly to check for signs of deterioration, by my Optometrist.    Sight loss is the outcome I have been told to be aware of.  For the severity of my situation, my eye doctor has been encouraged that my sight has held up so well.   I must admit-I am thankful.  I have to wear very dark glasses, day or night. My eyes are extremely light sensitive. The glasses keep the wind and debris out of my eyes. I am not suppose to rub my eyes-the glasses make that a challenge.                            Here is something, while Shawn was in the hospital, because of his eye injuries from the fire, he had a special eye doctor.  He had asked if I was wearing dark glasses because of rosacea.   I have no idea how he knew. He glanced at my eyes. Without any machines to magnify, he was able to see the indicators that let him know how pain-filled my eyes were.  He told me to do what I was told and hopefully preserve my sight.    How nice of him, but,  I was more concerned about Shawn’s eyes and what we could expect.  The poor doctor. He teared as he looked for positive in both of our situations.                                                                                               I have gone to different types of doctors, over the years, to find answers for my Rosacea.  My body did not respond to the various medications intended to help.            Many products  cause great irritation: very bad itching and burning.                                                               Wait.               Here is something strange.   The first several weeks when Shawn was in the hospital, his burn coverings had to be kept moist with an antibiotic solution, called Dakins.   I was surprised when I realized my face hadn’t been hurting so much. By the time I put it together, the antibiotic solution was no longer needed.  I never touched the solution to my face-I do not know how it made it better.   When I went to my G.P. and told him of my experience,  he said that didn’t make any sense, to him.                      I think I was onto something, but I don’t have capitol letters at the end of my name, so……..               Oh, and please, I am not meaning this to sound like I am casting aspersions on anyone—okay ???              It has been a challenge to find something that helps the Rosacea and yet not bother my lungs.           A few weeks ago, I tried another medicine. One topical and one taken in liquid form.   My face got worse.  A week ago Friday, I hit a limit, the discomfort has gotten very unpleasant.             Example:  At work, I came around a corner at the same time one of my co-workers did. She exclaimed, “Oh Kathy !!! What’s wrong with your face ?”  Several of my elementary passengers asked why I had such an awful face. My husband brought to my attention that my nose looked awful.       Then I looked—what was happening ???  My nose looked like Rudolph’s.     It was then that I had a bit of a bum state going on,                    I don’t know why, but I started thinking about what products help inflammation problems. I have tried honey on my face, various meds-internal and external, with no success.    My nose had been hurting so bad, I was going to crush up some aspirin and rub it on, hoping for some relief   I was shuffling around in my bathroom storage closet. I came across a pretty yellow, small box. With blue areas that showed the white letters, boldly.   733474316a59625434623276656f57306d4577-200x200-0-0The box was unopened.  I had no idea  why I had it ???   AND why did it pop into my view ?   I stood there for a moment. Tapped my: very red, swollen, sore nose. Humph—I thought.   Well, this product is suppose to calm inflamed areas. I wondered if using it on my face was wrong ???       WHATEVER.  It was the weekend, the best time to try something new.   Folks, you cannot know how wonderful my face has felt since then.  I use it nightly.   I can touch my nose—way less pain. The redness has lightened—I like that.  The stinging has calmed.  The texture on my face is less bumpy.   How can this be ???  I cannot tell you how much better it feels. I just don’t know what I am going to tell my doctor, when I see him in October.   Buuut, Heeey, maybe there is something to this ???   Sometimes we just have to think outside the box ???    I am not claiming to have any medical training, but this is a find !!!              There you have it. I am thrilled and maybe my tell will help someone.                      Who Would’ve Thought ???

c82f161379cea2df40f0a6e01303c0da These posters hit home for me this week.    16e70fc24b3b8c56e6a7a3503eba258d   edfdd035fd8030a7e1b572a1710dd9b6

Zippy The Turtle 6" Ty Beanie Boo (Each) $5.98 Our Price: $4.99As I was thinking about the next 2 parts, I wanted to have a little mascot type character.   I came across this little turtle named, “Zippy the Turtle”.    I just loved it.

*** Regarding Organizing: My friend sent me a text and gave me permission to share with you. First, I had told her she needed to find something happy to have outside her door-a special greeter. She found a cute character for the floor, and a cute picture that hangs on the door. She has also, made plans for the seasons and holidays.   She has started liking her home more. The cheerful greeter reminds her, before entering, the positive changes that have and are to come.          Here is what the text said:   “Took stuff to Goodwill, returned clothes, cleaned refrigerator, took out the garbage-everyday. Hope to clean, shelf by shelf-the refrigerator. Did laundry and other things last night. YIPPEE !!!                   During our Friday get together, we discussed what our next steps would be. She mentioned several things: sorting and putting shoes away, sorting receipts.    I usually have her give me a talk tour of all she has done. It is rewarding, as she recalls her accomplishments, with a cheer in her voice.      We have full schedules and so we are approaching this at a turtle’s pace.   Works for me.                                

*** Regarding Exercise:   I have been loopin’ every work day at 5AM.              I have a friend who lost a lung to cancer.  I had seen him  loopin’ about 10 AM one morning.  He had a good pace. Later, he told me that he was at a 16 minute/mile mark. He asked me how I was doing.  I hadn’t checked. I was just thankful to get 4 laps completed, each day. Nope, I am not at his pace, not yet.


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