My Grief Challenges

A Dump-Truck October 11, 2014

I have a friend who is super overwhelmed by work expectations. Each person who came to her office,  only added to her frustration.  I kept saying things were going to smooth out-she did not want to hear my words. Our time being finished, I left feeling bad that I had not  found the right words to encourage her. As I was praying for all of her situations, the silliest idea popped into my mind.                                         I went to the nearest $ store sure I would find what I wanted. A Dump Truck, some kind of ball that could be stuffed,  and a special bag for delivering.        No dump truck.    I did find these balls with  a bell/ball, inside.   A cat toy. Just right.  The little notepad, was one I had.  I ended up going to Burlington Coat Factory.  I needed to see if I could find some rain (type boots). I found myself side-tracked. I wondered if I could find a dump truck. I did. A remote controlled dump truck !!! 20141004_132413

Here is how they work:   The notepad is to write out a frustration onto. The cat/ball thing has openings that the paper can be stuffed into.    One frustration ball fits on the dump truck. When the ball is stuffed full of frustration papers, it can be taken for a drive and dumped. Ready for a new frustration ball.  Those frustration/ cat-balls are a little noisy, but trying to stuff a paper and keep the ball quiet, well, It made me chuckle and my mood changed.

20141007_164821  Just another cute turtle.                                       *** Regarding Organizing:   This past week there were days elementary schools were closed. It gave me time in the middle of the day  to do some rearranging at my friend’s place.  We needed to make a spot to set up her serger and an area for cutting fabric.   While working at the pace of a turtle, I was sure I had made my to do list, too big.  I finally reached a point I thought would work.                                                                                                                                The little couch  and chair were ready for company. As I gazed around, curtains open, I thought this would have been a good time to sit and visit—make a new to do list, with my friend.  She was at work.                                                          I was so nervous about what her reaction would be. ???   I did receive a text expressing her gratitude and appreciation.   She mentioned opening her drapes and sitting on the loveseat. She invited me over to share the joy.   How it tickles me that she was enjoying her living room.  We have a couple of more areas to tackle, and then it will be time to see what items are not needed, or which items will be best for future use-rather than buy.                                                         My friend has been worried about the time and energy  this has taken and how she could repay me.  Her sewing abilities are amazing. If she can help me with new communion cloths for church, that will be great.  I like the barter way.                                                                                                                                    *** Regarding Exercise:   Even though the elementary passengers went to school, only Monday and Tuesday, I had decided to keep my regular schedule. I made arrangements for the gate to be unlocked.  The full moon was so amazing to walk under.  Friday, because our meeting was 8 AM, I took my time and looped the track 9 times.   Thrillsville for me.   I did report to my doctor of my routine. He seemed pleased. I commented that I hadn’t lost any weight. He said that’s fine. The exercise is what is important.  I left it at that. He has been spot on with my health issues, so I need to trust his recommendations.   I heard that the weather is changing. I have waterproof apparel at the ready.  I plan on loopin’ in the wind, rain and cold.           A side note, when I was at Northwest Nazarene College, in the late ’70s and early ’80s , I ran in the snow, on very cold days. Yes, I may be older, but, I did it before—I am going to, at least, make the effort. Plus, if it makes my doctor happy, how can I not ?  My doctor knows some of my guilt frustrations, he thought I might find some helpful nuggets in: The Four Agreements.         650f22969702de83d15f05d64d0d5cf1                                                     For my exercise time at home, I purchased some new shoes.   Skechers S Sport, They are very comfortable !!!  1728_BBK       For my home workout days, I am going to rotate more of Leslie Sansone workouts.







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