My Grief Challenges

Things I’ve Done March 21, 2015

I will praise you in this storm and I will lift my hands for you are who you are no matter where I am

I still have some ramblings of things I’ve done that give an idea of who I am.  Some of my tells, Melissa doesn’t know about, so, this is another way for her to learn about me and my silly ways. I hope my Grands will enjoy learning about some of the things Gram K has done. Nothing profound, but maybe it will help folks to see that all of us have many aspects that make  each of us unique, and each has something to contribute  to those  God places in our paths.                                                                                                                                       I love this little tell. Not because of what happened, but because of how such an  impact could come from a  little non-living thing.                                  My little white elephant tell.                                                                                             White Elephant       I was a new school bus driver, in Gladstone and was asked to go to the Christmas party, if only for a short time, in hopes I would get better acquainted with my coworkers.  There was going to be a white elephant gift exchange. I pondered over that-remembering a time when us teens at church had one. A friend received a brick and was very sad. I did not want to give anything I would not want—even though I know-that is what the event is about.   So, I was going to add a Kathy twist.      I looked through many patterns. I finally found one that would do. As per usual, for me-I tweak.     I altered some of the parts and  I used white taffeta.  Anyway, the completed critter was sooo cute.  I was sooo excited.      It was time to pick a gift.  I made sure there was no guessing, of the gift I brought. I put my critter in a fairly big box and added something for weight, I think it was a bottle of dish soap.   No one had taken my gift-they were sure the weight meant a brick. One person was left and had to take the package in order to keep the party goin’.     The person who took my gift was so sad.       I don’t recall all the details, but I will give it a good try.          My gift was last to be opened. I was so worried of what the response would be. Some of the things given were repulsive. What was going to be the reaction to my gift ?   I never expected the events to unfold in this manner, the person unwrapped the gift, suddenly, all became quiet. As the woman dealt with my twisted way of wrapping (how I mess with folks) tears came a flowin’. The oohs and awes were funny to behold. It was a stuffed simple white elephant !!!  Then came time for an exchange. Another woman wanted claim to my simple white elephant, but woman #1 was not parting with it. There were several moments of harsh words, almost a physical fight, the husbands had to sit between the 2 women. I learned later that these 2 were best friends.  All I wanted to do was add cuteness to what I find not such a neat gift exchange event.        As I look back, I wish I would have taken a photo of my cute creation. This photo was the closest I could find.      White elephant   


     2015-03-01 17.10.41                                It might be hard to see my face, yes, that is me !!!             

  A situation happened on a grand opening demo day.  I was handing out coffee samples. I am not a coffee drinker, so I asked for input from the tasters about which was the best one and why, so I could  tell the new tasters.                                                                              Then it happened. Someone came into the store, a few times, standing close to my area. I was worried. I couldn’t figure out why she had been watching me. Later in the day the person revealed them self. She represented a big coffee company and they wanted someone like me to promote for them.   It would be my job to go to new locations having a grand opening and demo new coffee products.       I thought the lady was pulling my leg.    Plus, I was representing another company and thought it wrong to go to another company.    I was then told that the  pay would have been considerably more.      Apparently, I would have been traveling throughout the USA and to other countries.  There were a lot of enticing pleas,  I do know I would have enjoyed the task.   Mind you the person came back more than once, even brought another representative to hopefully encourage me to change my mind.   I was unsure how much loyalty meant-was it wrong to move up the ladder ?  I told her I felt bad turning her offer down.     She said the thing that impressed her was how natural and comfortable I was in front of the customers.   She commented about how hard it was to find someone  so approachable, not timid and a  very hard worker.   She liked my  honesty.  She let me know how disappointed she was as she left.                To this day, I wonder if she was for real, and did I shut the door on a good opportunity ?  

*** Regarding exercising:    A loopin scare .       There was one morning I was on the track doing my usual scan. My eyes halted on a figure in the middle of the field.      I knew Shop Mike was still in the driver’s room, making coffee. I stealthily opened the door and told him that there was something in the center of the field. I asked if he would mind helping me figure out what the object was.   He put the coffee things aside.       I apologized, profusely,  for interrupting his tasks.   I explained how I scare easily.    We started heading for the track.   Shop Mike thought the object was a shopping cart. It was unusual for anything to be on the field.  I mentioned the funny shape and said it looked like a wheelchair. Shop Mike agreed with me and he added ” let’s hope there is no one in it.”  Why did he say that !?!   It had been a cold night I  wondered how someone would have survived it. I think both of us were relieved that the wheelchair was empty.  Shop Mike pushed it towards the gate area. I thanked him, repeatedly.                  Now another Monday.  I had finished my 2nd loop. The fog was dropping.  All of a sudden I saw a man turn from the track towards the driver’s room. Then I realized it was Shop Mike. He told me he couldn’t see  my flashlight, he had looked all over for me.   Shop Mike knows about the morning someone was just standing on the top bleacher row and how it made me nervous.         Shop Mike said there had been someone on the track when he arrived at 4:30 that morning. He found this odd.  We talked and decided that on the dark mornings I would loop the bus lot. Shop Mike was pleased. He acknowledged that the bus lot wouldn’t be as smooth, but it was well lighted.  I will be thankful  when the mornings are  lighter.                              

 I Miss The Old, Happy Me Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter   Grief certainly changes a person’s whole life.







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