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Melissa’s 33rd B.day July 14, 2015


For quite some time I have wanted to do something special for Melissa’s 33rd B.day-July 14th, 2015.   I just didn’t know what. 33 being my favorite #.   I do think she was surprised at the Million Reunion, in Palouse, WA.  July 11, 2015.

My sweet daughter.

My sweet daughter.

  Just a few things to explain, in hopes all will make sense.    When Kath and I decided we needed to meet, due to her ovarian cancer coming back with a vengeance. I had canceled all my summer driving plans.           Kath and I did meet, on June 13th, the first time in person. Kath gave all she had for us to chat away and learn about one another, and try to make sense of our story.    June 17th Kath had to go back to the hospital. She was having problems breathing. That Thursday she had to have a Thoracentesis, to help drain fluid.  It made such a difference. Kath was so happy, breathing and talking !!!    She even let the nurse take our photo.  A photo I cherish.

Kath & I, 6.18.'15

Kath & I, 6.18.’15

  That afternoon Kath and I had time alone, she wanted to rehearse what she would tell her husband-Tom and son Rob, before she died.  She told me she knew she didn’t have much longer.  For the most part, she breezed through her ideas, but my memory recalls she had a problem finishing what she wanted to tell Tom. We decided that the words would come when they needed to. Since then, Tom has relayed to me the words Kath shared, on June 27- in the evening. 

 On Saturday- 20th, Kath was released from the hospital, to go home to live her last days where she felt more comfortable.  Kath had many helpers. I kind-of felt I was in the way. I knew I needed to leave so Kath could freely speak with Tom & Rob. Kath and I both knew it would be the last time we would see each other, alive, when I left June 26th.        Kath died early Sunday morning, June 28th. Tom had told me he knew Kath was going to die soon.                                   Yes, the usual for folks to say: she is no longer suffering.   I have some emotions to sort through.  As of yet, I am in another grief fog. Torn because of how each death plays with my emotions.      

Since I, now had free time, I decided to do a summer drive and see what surprise I could come up with, for Melissa.      The few days I was home, our friend from Europe came to visit. He wanted to sort through his belongings we have stored for over 10 years. We had a good amount for Salvation Army.   Things for Salvation Army    Well turns out…I had enough time to declutter some of our belongings, even though I was strangely super tired. The clearing allowed me to reach some trunks I have not looked in for at least 5 years.   I found the clothes Melissa wore as a baby and several photos.                                              Stuffed amongst some photos was a picture of Melissa smiling at me. Attached to it were 3 pages I had written the events of Melissa’s birth day.                                         Here is what I wrote: AwesomeFinally the nurses here at Sacred Heart Hospital, have put a nice clean case on me.   I’m fluffed up and smoothed out.. I guess I have done all I can to be ready. The sheets are clean, all is nice and tidy. I sure love my job. I get so excited I almost burst at the seams.  Best remain calm and keep everything ship shape. I hear the next person is very orderly.    So far it is a peaceful pleasant Wednesday morning, dew is still on the ground, so it must be about 7:00.

Well, here she is. Her bracelet reads: Kathy. Boy, she looks like she is going to burst soon !  My word, why don’t these hospital people let Kath relax on my comfortable feathers and take a load off her feet ?! Procedures !!!

It must be time for work. The man who brought Kath in,  just left. Must have been her husband (Dave).    Well now, here is quite the anxious person, Grandma Vera.  She actually delivered Kathy- out on the farm. Vera is conversing with dear Aunt Jiny. What a support group !          Let’s see, this must be Kathy’s mother- Joan – who seems to know just what to say to be a comfort.  JoAnne must be the coach-I hope she has a good arm-back labor has set in strong.

Relax ! Relax ! Relax !!!   Come on Kathy, Relax !!!   Sheets, blankets, help me coach ! Oh ! Thanks Joan for fluffing me up—I seem to be having a hard time keeping propped up.

Wonder who this is ? A sister-in-law. Mary, with a camera. Why is it that Grandma Vera and Aunt Jiny left and the nurses have become so busy ? Maybe it is almost time.

Oh dear, it seems like the little one is wanting to come out feet first.

What !? Did you all see that ? Kathy’s belly did a huge flip-flop ! Boy, that had to hurt. Doctor Hopkins says the baby is now in position-it won’t be long now.

I sure could use a couple of friends to help me be a better support. Ah. Yes, just right.

Here she goes ! Push ! Push ! Push ! Reellaxx ! Wow ! They see the head ! Push Again ! Puushh ! Relax ! They see the shoulders !

PPPuuussshhh !!! Lookee there. It’s a girl !!!

(It is 1:36 pm)   All that dark hair. She appears to be healthy: 6 lbs, 11 1/2 oz and 19 inches long. YES !

Both mom and daughter are being cleaned up. Hey, Kathy made good time, she has been here only six hours and thirty six minutes. Oh! I just can’t wait to see this little charm. Here she comes ! How precious ! Melissa looked right up at her Mom and smiled !        Melissa's First Smile

That is exactly the kind of thing to make my job so satisfying. Quite an important job, being a pillow, huh ?        

What an awesome day !!!

What an awesome day !!!

Later that week, Grandma Joan gave Melissa her first bath.  

Melissa, I hope you enjoy reading about your birth day !!!   I enjoyed the walk down memory lane. I love you very much, my precious Charm.    Happy 33rd B.day !!!

   Me & Melissa










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