My Grief Challenges

A Writing Block August 1, 2015

I Love The Rain My daughter found this. It is so me !!!   Just today, I heard another word that describes me: ambivert. I always knew I wasn’t just a plain extrovert. I am fine alone or with others. Truth be told, I probably am a lot— extrovert. How fun !!!

Hello folks. It has been a very busy and hot summer.

I am stumbling a bit with the grief stuff, since my sister Kathy died.  I seem to be back at the beginning of the process. I am hoping to figure how to share about my Shawn encounter- or whatever it was. I know in the writing I will have to face emotions I do not understand. Right now-it has me afraid. I am trying to figure out how to not let  grief overrun me.   I realized how much of a setback had occurred,  when I went to a movie with Melissa and Rahul. Many folks said the movie was very funny.  I was so excited.         I could relate, very well, with the 2 main characters. There, a part that hit and reminded me of Shawn; when a character noticed his left arm was disappearing. That same character, willingly, stayed behind-so a mission would have a good end. When the character was gone, a small child, in front of  us, started crying. I’ll just leave it at that.  Please bear with me.  This is hard !!!

In my catching up, I came across this email from Gary Roe. I am thankful for his helps, regarding grief.  This information was spot on,  for me.

Next: You would not believe how much purge/organizing I have done, the few days I have been home.  I am trying to get to a place where I can start organizing and shrinking down my belongings-amount. You see, while I was visiting Melissa, we had been talking about my  organizing tasks-to complete-when I got back home.    Melissa told me she was worried she wouldn’t know what to do with all my things, when I die. I, definitely, do not want her to be burdened. So, I am working even harder at shrinking down my belongings.

 Last but not least:  I have been very diligent with keeping active.  That brings me to another project. Beings it is summer and I have not been driving bus, my pounds have increased. I am so very bummed. So, I have asked my brother, Marlin, to help me. He has made great progress in the past few months with his weight loss. He has more weight he would like to cast off-so we are going to enter this adventure together. We will share little tid-bits of our progress and the things that help us. I must needs get back to my Walk DVDs, at least until school starts-then I plan on continuing my “loopin'”. I hope to conquer this weight issue !!!

In closing, I was so thrilled to surprise Melissa for her 33rd At the Million Reunion, in Palouse, WA   Me & Melissa


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