Just Sharin'

I’m Not Flawless :( !!! September 12, 2015

A Grumpy Blue Bird  The stresses of life can be a bummer !!!

Start-up, first day of school and back to school: NEVER easy for anyone involved. 

 School bus driver

It seems that no matter how much preparation goes into getting ready for school start-up. Something, somehow, somewhere doesn’t work out quite as planned.

I’m not flawless 😦 !!!  

If I were flawless, I would have been able to see how my mis-steps added to the load others carry.           

If I were flawless, I would have been able to see the bigger picture and help others, with their task.         

 If I were flawless, I would be able to turn negative moments into positive ones.  

If I were perfect: schedules would have been met, I would have explained-patiently-how to read bus tags, I would have realized the anxiousness of others-not just myself.

If I were perfect:  it wouldn’t bother me to be driving on a narrow and curvy road with a posted speed of 25 mph, behind a peddler-bicyclist-for several blocks; it wouldn’t concern me, being followed by a police car,  for several blocks; I would know how to handle a traffic situation regarding a motorized wheelchair-coming at me.  

If I were perfect: all co-workers would have confidence in my abilities; my passengers would not be in tears about what bus to go to after mine; I would be able to calm all situations.  

In the future, I hope to be able to take ALL bads and find a way to see good; I hope to be a calm not one who causes upsetness; I hope to show ALL those around me, that I am trustworthy and that I care.  

Facing Difficulties            Courage

Heavenly Father

Regarding Organizing: I made great strides, in August, organizing. I have things I learned and pushed myself with, but I will share them at another time.  For now, this school bus driver is plum worn out.        Also, I am needing to get ornaments finished. I cannot do any ornament planning for 2016 until the ornament for 2014 & 2015 is ready for the mail. I have the idea in my mind, but first things first.

Regarding exercise:  It is so wonderful to begin my work mornings, loopin’. I am happy with my pace-I have stepped it up, a bit.  Right now I am at 6 laps. I am aiming for 8 laps-maybe in a couple of weeks. My lungs are trying to be a bit stubborn-not wanting to work so hard.   The neat things is, last year when I started loopin’, 1 lap was more than I thought I could tolerate. I continue to wear my b7ed646023165b4f5c1bbfc26ff25c07.  The weights help me workout my arms-although, my lungs do not like the extra load.   



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