Just Sharin'

Jill’s Silly Waves October 3, 2015


Ziggy waving

On my AM high school run, there is a place I can expect Jill’s silly waves. She is at a location, her bus secured, waiting. For that I am glad. Our 2 buses would have a tight fit on a narrow winding road. She is facing my direction.  As I am passing, she is waving-with both hands, bouncing up and down in the seat, while making cute happy faces, as I pass by. I give safe, quick waves as I chuckle on by. I tell myself how neat it is to be greeted this way each day. Throughout the day, Jill and I cross each other’s path. I love our chuckle moments.                    

Yes, us school bus drivers, frequently, wave at each other. You might find yourself asking, Why ?.    Well, it is because we know that most folks have no clue the challenges us school bus drivers deal with, but another driver definitely knows.  A wave of support,  can help get one through rough moments.              I will mention only a few examples: no show picker uppers-all kindys have to be met by the appropriate person. When there is a no show, on a narrow street-what is the driver to do ? There is no place to put the big rig  out of the way. The delay-from double checking for a late picker upper-causes congestion with many rigs, in both directions = stress.  Or, a missed sleeping child. Whom no one woke up on their way out of the bus.  Yes, the wave from another bus driver can be quite comforting.


A couple of weeks ago, I heard a song-that I need to realize the words-of.  The cool thing is, the group’s name is: 3 For 3. The song is “Halfway”.


Soapy Dish Water

This was unbelievable !!! Wednesday morning,  September. 30, I was on my way to the track at work. I decided to listen to Klove, for my drive. It was about 4:18 A M.  After the next song finished playing, the radio hosts said they were going to speak to someone about washing dishes. Well that caught my ear.  I could not imagine what was going to be said.

You see, when I tell folks how I love washing dishes, BY HAND-I think they think I am lying. To start off, I was born in front of the kitchen sink. To me it seems only fitting that I would love washing dishes.  I tend to be hyper. Believe it or not, washing dishes is calming for me.

I do not recall the song-because I was thinking about washing dishes. We have a window at the kitchen sink. I find myself looking into the depths of the sky every time I am washing dishes.  Yes, the dishes get clean. I like rather hot, sudsy water, and before rinsing, I check, by hand not cloth, to make sure all food residuals are gone.  I recall hearing the lady telling how she enjoyed washing dishes. I was shocked !!!  She had mentioned  that there is a completeness-from start to finish when washing dishes, by hand. This was truly a wow-filled moment, for me !!!   How wonderful it was to hear someone else, honestly, admit their love of washing dishes BY HAND !!!  Truth be told, I am hard pressed to think of anyone I know who loves washing dishes. I have felt pretty much alone in that department.  If I go to anyone’s house and there are dishes to be washed, it takes an amazing amount of internal strength to not jump up and wash the dishes.

So, please if I show up to your house, let me wash your dishes. It is my gift to you, and God’s gift to me because I have joy in the doing. Oh, how wonderful it would be meet another person who has true joy in washing dishes.  Oh, and another thing, when placing dishes on the drying area, I love to see how many I can carefully place-without any tumbling. I believe my Dad has experienced my creative dish placement, on my visits. You see, he is the putter/awayer.             On a sort-of, sad note (for me)  Dad and Mom had a kitchen redo-they now have a dish washing machine. On my last visit, I was strongly rebuked, by my sisters,  for washing the dishes, by hand.  Nope, not changing.  When at home (at Dad & Mom’s) I will continue my joy of washing dishes, by hand.  


On September 12, 2015, Bob & I went to the Sandy Oktober Festival. It was there that I came across a booth of metal art. Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship !!! I wanted something, but couldn’t figure out which design fit me. Then, to my left, almost out of my sight range, there it was: a cowgirl praying in front of a cross. The second I saw it, I knew it was for me !!!        For me this photo turned out cool-the blue and the lighting. You  might find it hard to see the exquisite detail-trust me it is there.   If you look on fb, under: Back Country Cutouts. You should be able to see quite a few designs Dennis has, wonderfully made.

Squirrel on Skateboard

I found this photo on Pinterest. It made me chuckle. It would have made Shawn smile in that precious way he use to.


wpid-1962-kathy-zip.jpg.jpeg When I was organizing, I came across this photo. It is of me giving a big hug to Zip. He was the Million’s farm dog. I remember when Dad, my brother’s and I, went to live with Gram & Gramps. Zip became my buddy. Yep, that was me-May of 1962. I recall when my co-worker said, “FitBit Zip” , last May, it was going to be something I needed to look into. Then I remembered, Zip our farm dog.                                                 I do those connection things all the time.

badge image
You’ve earned the Serengeti badge
You may not have seen wildebeasts, giraffes or zebras on this trek, but you have walked 500 miles—the same distance as the Serengeti, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.

 Oh, I know, for many of you this is no big deal-500 miles. BUT for me it is. I did not realize how rewarding and fun it could be, keeping track of my steps.  My FitBit Zip, has become my tag-a-long encourager.  

I’m moving mercifully forward !!!





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