Just Sharin', My Grief Challenges

This Past Monday October 17, 2015



    Not sure where I am going with this today.  I know I will offend many. BUT, there are atrocities taking place that I object to and say something I must.  These issues add to my grief angst. Next week, I hope to share sprinkles of joy.

Mind you, I am not putting myself in God’s place-as judge, but there are 3 of many things, this past week, that are causing me much torment. What makes me more agitated; these wrongs, our government (the whole system) makes us comply with or they are mute on.  This mass of a government tries my grieving soul as it  tries to run my life I am thankful for this encouraging scriptures:   Psalm 56 11

On my way to work, this past Monday-Columbus Day,  Portrait of a Man, Said to be Christopher Columbus.jpg   I was so saddened as I was reminded, again, that the school system teaches, falsely, regarding Christopher Columbus. It wasn’t, always, this way. It seems that those who are Christian are, always, the ones on trial for manufactured sins. Pray tell the real thieves, law breakers and murderers be put to a real trial. BUT, it has been made clear, from recent events that the ones with $ & power, escape deserved sentences and freely cast aspersions on those not in agreement with them.  We have a government system that treats us like frogs in a pot on slow boil: with lie upon lie~in hopes we will all start believing their blatant untruths ???    Oh that there are others as bothered as myself.   

One example are those who sell aborted baby parts, and held unaccountable for their corrupt, brutal and murderous activities in clinics called “Planned Parenthood” !!!   The name should be changed to Planned Genocide.  Sadly, my tax dollars have been used to help fund both institutions: The Godless school system and the God hating abortion clinics.    wpid-20151011_071124.jpg   Yep, I am coming out of the closet. The past few weeks I have been walking and praying at this building, as others have, at various times, around the world: 40 Days For Life. I may have chosen the loneliest time, early Sunday mornings for 3 hours. The slots were open and it is the only time I have any extra moments or energy. No. This is not for a pat on the back. My heart has been deeply torn at the goings on of these buildings that have received my tax $. All this reminded me of a post I wrote: My Precious Gift.   In short, both of our lives, were at risk. I was told I needed to make the choice over Shawn being born or not. I was emphatic that Shawn’s life to be saved, not mine. 

This next issue makes me so irkitated !!!      http://www.godvine.com/Christians-are-Being-Persecuted-and-Murdered-Worldwide-32.html.      

  And then this ???    http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2005/10/the-bridge-to-nowhere-a-national-embarrassment , or   http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/06/16/crossing-guard-turtles-white-house-claims-worthwhile-stimulus-projects/                                                                                  

 I am unsure why our government system seems so unresponsive  and uncaring about real torturous issues and the truth?  Oh wait, why would a system, hell bent on killing babies~~~playing god, care about God stuff, or those~lifeforms~ who are not ashamed of being a Christian ???   

Just Need A Break Away:

This past week I have been disheartened with statements like: Shawn is dead,  you need to get over it and move on. There are many who need prayers, he doesn’t-anymore. You can’t change your decisions about Shawn’s life, you have to let things go and care about others.   You need to realize that there are many who have worse situations to bear.   Maybe that is why the other issues are hitting so hard and I am just unleashing.  Plus, Wednesday afternoon, I had a major grief reality slam. The deep pain of realizing-the pain where my heart and head are both starting to come together that Shawn is gone, gone, gone. A torment, only I can come to grips with-NO ONE can do it for me.   I am a super emotional person: God made me that way !!! So, I think I take longer than most coming to grips with heart and life issues.

some pics 036

Just, simply missing my Shawner !!!


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