Just Sharin'

Just Another Friday ? November 14, 2015

I feel the same way some days. #cowpath:

Fridays are still hard, but today my heart hurt more than usual.  The slaughter of many in Paris, why ???  I am not wanting to overstep. I’m just frustrated !!!    I do appreciate what Mark Levin had to say. I appreciate  his sternness. I appreciate his boldness.   

Mark Levin Reacts to Paris Attacks (11/13/2015)


Right now many evildoers are allowed to roam free; to cause torment, harm and brutally murder. AND Christians are imprisoned, for what ???   Another thing that wrinkled my gut was hearing about college students protesting. Here is a thought for them: BUCK-UP !!!  The hoodlums that just made a rampage in Paris, are at our doorstep, chomping at the bit to destroy “The American Way”.  What are you going to do when facing them ? You are an offense to them because you are American.  Do you think they are going to give you a “safe room” when you get offended by them ? Doubt it !!!  There you have it, the bumbness for bad day- Fridays, was made way worse because of the barbaric actions of the hoodlums and college protest whimps.    

Here’s my ache~~~        

   I'll never forget it...:


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