Just Sharin', Special Videos

Melissa Having Fun !!! November 29, 2015

Ziggy and his cute little happy dog. I loved them as a young girl. Always made me smile!:

Before you view this cute tell;  our family takes the handling of guns very serious. I, highly, respect the help and advice my brother-in -law gives, when helping with target practice. His hunting skills are superior, as are his skills with heavy duty equipment. His quick and accurate  reactions saved my sister’s life, during a motorcycle situation.

The reason this video is special: 1. It makes me cry/laugh. 2. I love hearing Melissa chuckle laugh. 3. Most important: The recordings I had for Shawn, on a flip phone, were lost. The ache from that is excruciating.    I am not being negative, but I needed to make sure I had something with Melissa. I love this recording of her and her cute voice.  I think it would be a good thing for folks to have at least one good recording of their special folks.   Oh man !!! Why didn’t I do simple records on my Thanksgiving trip. I am making a note to self.

I am just throwing this out there, maybe someone can give me an idea. I asked my grandson what is something he would love. I asked him the first thing that popped into his head. I was expecting a whole list of things.  After about a 3 second pause he said. I want one of those necklaces that when you open it there would be a photo of my dad (Shawn) on one side and myself on the other side-so my dad could be close to my heart and I could see him anytime.  He indicated the size with his fingers-about the size of a quarter.        I have done some research. The lockets I have found are too girly and small.  Maybe, someone who comes across this post might be able to tell me  where to look.

I will end with this cute tell:   https://youtu.be/QMTE9dj38FI


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