Audio is Available, Just Sharin'

Just An Experiment February 15, 2016

Love To You From Ziggy

Hello folks. I am working at learning how to audio my posts. I do not know if anyone will see/hear this, but if you do, let me know if you could understand me, and did I speak slow enough ? If my voice grates your nerves, I need to know that , as well. Remember, this is an experiment !!!

I have a cute little tell that makes me chuckle.

I am not sure how many of you out there are school bus drivers, but I am pretty sure most of us school bus drivers get very tired of hearing our passengers use the “f” word. Many times a day I am clearing my throat and making clear on the PA system that there are better word choices.  This past Friday, I had 2 more stops before picking up my last passengers. My 3rd grade passenger told me that another passenger “farted”~~~another “f” word I do not like. I told my passenger, as she plugged her nose, “Please do not use the “f” word.  She stuttered that she never uses the “f” word. Then we heard a sound and the kindy let us know she “farted”, again. I asked all of them to stop using the “f” word. They were so puzzled. So, I reminded them that the word “fluff” would be a better word choice. They started laughing with me. They were making fun of my word choices. They decided fluff seemed, not right. After a few moments of word searching, my passengers came up with a new word.   Another noise came from the kindy~~~this one filled the air, as I opened my window, the 3rd grader said, “Mrs. K, J…… gassed, again !!!” We were laughing so hard. The phrase was repeated several times. They decided they liked it better than the “f” word. They could not wait to get to their stops and tell their parents. Again, the kindy made a noise. She proudly exclaimed, “Mrs. K, I gassed again !!!”

This little tell was from February 6, 2016


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