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My Key~less Pre~trip March 5, 2016

For some reason, this week, I kept having immense missings for Shawn.  I had made it through the week. This was not just another Friday. For some reason, this Friday, I opted out of my loopin’ time, instead, I had decided that early morning dark time would be the best time to clean my outside bus windows. All in all, I did a good job. I finished in time to do my key-less pre-trip.   You may be wonderin’ what is a key~less pre~trip.   Well, I will try to explain.  First, here is a clip of an actual pre-trip:  

Every morning, before driving our buses, we have around 70 different bus parts or bus actions that need to be checked and passed, before the bus can be driven. These checks are done individually, on assigned buses.  For me, I do my loopin’ and then I inspect the parts of my bus that do not need the key for response. Like, I cannot check the bus heaters, without a key. I can check emergency kits/fire extinguisher/triangles. I can open emergency openings, and check that the bus seats are secure. For the inside checks, I use a flashlight that has a magnet and I can place it on the ceiling and move it as I go.  I can check fluids, lug nuts, leaf springs and various other parts without the bus key. I, also, look at the under-carriage to make sure nothing has been messed with or added to; a safety thing-I added myself. I, then go and wait for my key to be given to me.   You may be wondering why I don’t just wait for the key and do it all at once. The answer; that would not be me. I have to get anything I can, done ahead of time. I, always, want time for one last pit stop before leaving the bus lot. AND if my bus fails my inspection~~~one thing I hate, is having to use another bus, on short notice. So, whatever I can do to help me in that area, I will do. Yes, I am one of those people who likes to arrive early to appointments-I do not do last minute, well.   20160216_122432.jpg A cute little bird. Stuck in my bus. I am glad I check my bus before passengers get in. This little guy hopped on when I had left the door open and taken things to my car. Can you imagine 60 elementary passengers remaining calm while a little bird is darting at windows-wondering why it cannot get out ?  Trust me, the reaction from a little stink bug-flying around, in the bus, is a major event to get calmed down.                      I thought this little photo would help me get through this.

So, back to Friday. I was given my keys. I had left my radio tuned to an up to date news station. The moment I turned the key, I heard: “house fire”. Every cotton pickin’ time I hear those words, my heart skips a beat. Then I heard a little more. 3 children died, in a house fire. The Mom escaped. A fireman had been injured trying to get to the children. I have prayed, hard, for that Mom. I will continue to do so. All 3, gone.  


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