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Hello, From PorQ May 21, 2016


Hello everybody !!! My name is PorQ. On May 28th, it will be 3 years since I met the Millions.

Kathy had already worked on a post, but I decided I would like to share, some tid-bits. I may add some thoughts from the different posts Kathy has written. Maybe another prospective. I think folks need to realize that even though Kathy seems so sad, she really has done well, on her grief journey, even though she claims to be God’s biggest wimp.

 I will give a brief tell of our first meeting.  

After Shawn died, 10 days later, Kathy decided it was time to go back to work. It ended up being too much. She was driving her high schoolers to their school. She had just past the Costco light, and had gone over a bump~which is now repaved. There was Shawn, at least, Kathy was convinced it was Shawn; his walk, clothing, build. There were some other details that made Kathy certain it was Shawn. She could not get her passengers to school quick enough. When she arrived at the bus lot, she told her boss she couldn’t work, too many triggers.

 Kathy decided she needed to go home~to her Dad & Mom’s. She needed to figure out memorial service details. Her brother, Darin, was going to officiate.

 Since Shawn died, Kathy has struggled with decisions she had to make regarding his end.

When Kathy first heard me crying, it was shortly after my Mom had left me, on the back stoop, of the porch at the Million’s home.  There was blood on the stoop. I think my Mom was hurt bad and she had to decide what was best, for me.  Sometimes decisions have to be made that make us doubt ourselves. I hope, someday, that Kathy will come to know, she did not fail Shawn. I hope God will help her to simply trust Him. I hope she will learn that God can use her sadness to comfort others, like she did me.   


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