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I Enjoy, Bacon !!! June 11, 2016


Folks, I have been working hard to get my body in better health.  In hopes that I will do better with my grief. I have been enjoying tracking my activities with my Fitbit Zip. I was tickled to get an award:    Barrier Reif

Here I go, just putting this out there. My swelly belly will not go away. My doctor and I think it is because my adrenals have been over active, most of my life, therefore, high cortisol levels.  So, we are  trying to see what I can tolerate that will help lower my cortisol levels. Apparently, too much cortisol can make weight loss not happen. It is so frustrating !!!  It is not a vanity thing. 

It has been difficult finding foods I can tolerate. I was told bacon would be good for me. Something about good fat ? I have so much to learn !  I can eat bacon !!!   I enjoy Bacon !!!  Bob found a new way of cooking bacon. The reason this is so wonderful: for years, I have cooked bacon, in the oven. I have always been very careful about the temperature, because I do not like greasy splats.

GMG Grill Mat

With this new, to me, product from GMG Grill Mat.

   traeger-bacon-on-a-gmg-grill-mat.jpg.jpegI can cook the bacon on the Traeger grill !!!  It tastes delicious !!!  Nope, the bacon is not overcooked !!! The taste is so much better than when cooked in the oven !!!


Just was hoping to capture a sense of the tasty goodness, but I am only tempting myself.

I, pretty much, gave up my mocha~My Comfort Drink.  I have finally realized why I liked my comfort drink, so much: it was calming for me.  For most folks, caffeine products give them energy. Not me. They seem to make me relax~~~it is hard to explain. My doctor and I have found that if I use products or medicines that are suppose to give one energy, they have the opposite affect on me, they make me  more calm.     I miss My Comfort Drink like you wouldn’t believe, and yes, sometimes I break down and enjoy some tasty goodness, although unhealthful it may be. I miss the contemplative joy I had when sipping my comfort drink.

My doctor wants me to drink:    


I thought this video was informative.

   I am finally at a point where I can open the vinegar bottle and not get nauseated. I have been told how good this is for me, so I am working hard at drinking it daily.   When I first started drinking vinegar, I could barely tolerate 1/8 of a teaspoon of vinegar in 1~ 1/2 cups of water. Now, I try to drink 3 cups of vinegar water, daily, which is: 3 cups of water, 2T of  Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and 3 to 4T of honey. It has taken me quite a while to be able to tolerate this amount.

Being a school bus driver, pit stops are not easy, a choice has to be made, which is the best liquid to consume ?  Vinegar water or my comfort drink~~~I know which is the healthful choice. Sometimes, one has to make choices according to what seems best, not always what is the most desirable. Waiting for a positive outcome, can be so arduous.

 Regarding loopin:


A cool painting of lungs !

I was reminded about practicing better breathing.      I found a good video explaining proper breathing:   Diaphragmatic Breathing With “Belly Biofeedback” App               I have, also, learned that I tend to be a shoulder breather.   After all these years, I finally learned that when my lungs are freaking out=an asthma fit, I raise my shoulders when trying to breathe, instead of letting the air make my belly expand.  Ugh ! I am suppose to suck the air in through my nose and let it make my belly expand and blow the air out of my mouth. I have been working on it. Right now I still feel like I cannot get enough air. It actually feels like I am trying to breathe through a straw.  I catch myself being a droopy shoulder walker, so I need to continue working on my posture~which helps the breathing.

I have started  working at making my stride longer, when loopin’ the track. Oh my ! This has made the breathing even more difficult.

At one point, I tried picking up my pace when loopin’. It helped using the music choice,  from Leslie’s:  Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home - The Big Burn- 2 Miles of Intervals  

Oh, the pace was great !  I am hoping to use the music more, in the next school year,  for my loopin’ times. I just need to get my lungs in better shape. I walked with a power walker~~~I will not do that again !!!  As far as keeping up a good pace, Leslie’s  DVDs will be just fine !!!  

20130528_112448.jpg Hello folks, it’s me again, PorQ.  A few weeks ago Kathy had a post titled: “Over The Hurdles”. Well, I read it and wanted to add a thought. I hope you don’t mind. Here is what I think Kathy was trying to say: Grief is like trying to bound over the hurdles. The track of life is set up  with many hurdles. Some hurdles are tall. Some are short. At times, the space between the hurdles, is quite far. Then, there are times it seems that the hurdles are too close together, barely leaving enough space to land down and bound up again. There are times when a tumble happens. Sometimes, with a glance back, it looks like very few hurdles are in the same position, let  alone, upright.  Like the photo shows: 20160511_053729.jpg  at times there are just too many hurdles to bound over.  This is the time to keep going; to be patient with oneself, to find calm. And, if I might add, Kathy might want to work on her technique. By for now, folks. I do enjoy our times together !!!  [audio

Grief is a painful emotion, but it’s a healthy and helpful emotion. And it’s God’s gift. It’s the tool that God gives us to get through the transitions of life. -Rick Warren:


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