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Blotto’s Debut~Flag Day June 14, 2016

kathy-im-ready.jpg.jpegHey Kathy, I am ready to give my speech.

Hi Everybody,   blotto-@-my-steering-wheel.jpg.jpeg

My name is Blotto. Like my friend, PorQ, I will be helping Kathy, with her posts. I, will be having many fun adventures.

Anyway, today, I just wanted to take a moment  to express my gratefulness for the USA. Right now there is so much upheaval, due to corrupt politicians and our hearts are very sad because of that fact. It is my hope that the Constitution, as originally, painstakingly and profoundly written, by our founding fathers, will again be upheld, keeping us protected from a tyrannical government.

Us, Americans, have been grievously misrepresented, therefore misunderstood. We really do care !!!  Americans give unselfishly to those in need, whether in our borders or abroad.  Americans help protect, putting their lives, unselfishly, on the line,  for others; here and abroad.  Americans do try to treat others fairly,  here and abroad, even though we are told we don’t. I am grateful that Americans still have some religious freedoms. I hope Americans will be watchful towards those who want to take our freedoms away. 

 I am, very, privileged to be from America !!!    I am proud to be an American !!!  I pray that Americans will want America to stay America, and be proud of it.   I hope others will think long and hard about the good qualities Americans show, on a daily basis.   I, also hope, many will express thankfulness to our protectors, rescuers; all service type people, who put their lives on the line for America and Americans: here and abroad !!!

 I know, Kathy is very grateful to all those heroes who represent America !!!   Her Dad served in last part of  the Korean war, as an MP, way over there !!! 

Here are 3 songs, that express my gratitude about being a proud American:

  • Lee Greenwood, singing God Bless the USA:
  • Toby Keith, singing: Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue:
  • Whitney Houston, singing: The Star Spangled Banner:

blotto-@-back-of-my-bus.jpg.jpegHave a wonderful and blessed Flag Day !!!






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