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Declaration Of Independence July 4, 2016



Hello Folks,   I was halfway through my drive to Moscow, when I heard Rush Limbaugh comment about Hillsdale College and reading the “Declaration of Independence”, on July 4, 2016. Something about trying to get the most reads:

Hillsdale College launched this national “Read the Declaration” campaign to encourage Americans to celebrate Independence Day, July 4, by reading the entirety of the Declaration of Independence out loud with their friends and family.

Please feel free encourage your friends and family to take part in this campaign—a fitting way to celebrate America’s birthday.
Hillsdale College has also created a webpage to help celebrate the 4th of Julyin other ways. You can visit it here >> Read the Declaration

   I was on a windy, narrow road. I could not jot a note. I repeated the comment a few times~~~hoping I would remember it at the next little town.  It was a task.  My mind kept thinking how I could add a Kathy twist. Then it popped into my head, Blotto’s Debut was on Flag day. Maybe Blotto could read “The Declaration of Independence” ?     Here she is: Blotto’s reading of, “The Declaration of Independence”:   20160703_160742.jpg       1.  



Before we close, I found Blotto’s cute boots at:   20160703_092130.jpg

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

K Bye

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