Audio is Available, Blotto, Just Sharin'

Blotto, Her Beginnings September 24, 2016

 I decided to do something different. These pictures represent Blotto’s beginnings. I remember very clearly the day I drew her. I was sitting in a study hall class. I, even, remember where. On this rare day, I was not sick with my lung problems. The weather was not cold just a little overcast. I was all caught up in my studies. Blotto was my attempt at doodling. I am not ashamed to let folks know that I am not artsy. For one reason or another, I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler, thus, I have deemed myself not artistic. As far as I have been able to calculate, this was spring of 1973. Blotto about 1973

Last year, near this time, Bob had commented that my grief blog was too depressing. How strange: just a few months before that, I had been sorting through old papers~when I  found this drawing of Blotto. I started thinking how I could have a kind of blog mascot.

One of my brothers is very gifted in his drawing abilities and his abilities on the computer. He was going to make an image I could place here and there on my site, just for fun. He had spent hours placing the right color of blue hair strands, sculpting the shape, placing the eyes, nose and mouth.           The feet were great. So, his work was finished. I came up with another idea. I wanted Blotto to talk. It would have taken my brother, a lot more work. I didn’t want to overwhelm him, so I had him put Blotto on hold. I needed to think. I was at a fabric store and came upon this dark blue fur. Then it happened, the idea wheels were spinning in my head !!! I was going to make a Blotto. She would visit places and I would photo her at various landmarks or something neat.            I had to do some re-figuring. She would need arms and legs. I went to several used stuff stores and regular stores. I looked at A LOT of stuffed toys and dolls.

The original enlarged and the new.                  blottos-pattern.jpg.jpeg              

blottos-parts-ready.jpg.jpegParts ready to be attached.



20160608_063334.jpgTime for sewing.

20160608_063525.jpgAll this tugging reminded me of a time in my childhood, watching a calf being born. The mama was struggling. It took folks a lot of tugging before the calf landed on the straw.



                             Yep, Blotto’s debut. Flag Day, June 14, 2016.            

After coming home from Rockaway for Shawn’s 3rd year gone, I came upon a voice for Blotto and PorQ. So, if you ever receive a picture of one of them, look for the gray bar under the picture, and click the arrow for a cute listen.

My next post will show a few of the places Blotto has visited, this has been such fun !!!  




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