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Hello Dad & Mom December 25, 2016



Hello Dad & Mom, how amazing, 50 years ago, on Christmas you 2 were married !!! I remember very clearly when Dad asked Marlin, Duane and myself if we would like to have a new mom.

All of us Million siblings have been blessed. Your commitment to one another, through various trying circumstances, is a wonderful example for folks to follow. Your work ethics, are hard for others to be compared with. You provided well for your children. Dad, growing up, I do not remember you being sick and not able to go into work. Mom, how proud I was to show off the clothes you made for us. You 2, always seem to find room for more visitors.  Meals at the Millions, better than any restaurant !!! You have gone out of your way to help or visit dear ones.

I pray God bless you, immensely. I hope for answers regarding health issues. I pray all your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren would appreciate the special couple you are !!! Thanks for caring !!! Thanks for giving !!! Thanks for loving !!!

For me, I asked of you a very hard thing. You 2 will never know what a comfort you  were for me on Shawn’s last day. I am grateful you had the courage to be with Melissa, Shawn and myself, as we waited.  

I hope your love continues to grow~it is encouraging for all those around you.

I love you 2 and thank God He allowed me to have you as parents !!!   Blessings on your 50th anniversary !!! Lovingly, K


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