Just Sharin'

It Is 2017 !!!

20170102_130632.jpgTo all my family, friends and acquaintances,

To begin with, when I first saw this cloud, it was a heart shape-the lower little blue area.

To A LOT of you, I have missed b.days and anniversaries. Yes, my ornaments are going to be very late. I did not send wonderful new year notes. Maybe someday I will have a more cheerful attitude. Do not get me wrong, just because I have been neglectful, does not mean I do not care, it does not mean I do not love you ALL very much !!! I do love and care for All of you, very much. !!!

My hope is that each of you will have a magnificent 2017. I hope for your relationships to become more precious. I hope for mended relationships. I hope for ALL to have courage when facing challenges God has chosen for your growth.

Sent with much love and care, K


One thought on “It Is 2017 !!!

  1. From some distance I feel the yearnings you are working through…May the Holy Spirit speak softly to your heart in those quiet moments. Your Father’s lap is always available for you to climb upon. Lean into His breast. You are loved more than you realize. Just wanted to share these thoughts with you.


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