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Loopin’ & Swingin’ January 28, 2017



Yep, I am still loopin’  !!!

Yep, I have been swinging my arms. I like this demonstration:  

Over Christmas break, I saw a  Gwee Gym commercial: gwee-gym-lite_product

Yep, my Gwee Gym, is blue~~~less tension than the black one.  

As I was following along with the DVD, I knew I had to find a way to use the Gwee while loopin’. I have finally gotten to a place where I can swing my arms, all 3 laps and now I am ready to try something new. I have tried other products, but I needed something more practical, while on the track.  I still love loopin’. Fact is, I find it therapeutic. It is at the top of my list for the things I do to help me deal with my grief emotions.     

So, this past Monday, I gave the Gwee a test run. Yes,  I know that I am not using the Gwee, as promoted, but…      

With the Gwee behind my back, I grab the handles and stretch out both arms, horizontally.  I  put my arms through the cords. Even while wearing my winter coat and my Froggtoggs, there is enough cording to allow me to use my Gwee. ~~~ Oh shucks, I cannot describe this good enough. I will update with a couple photos, after my hub gets home from work. ~~~  

I did my normal arm swinging, with my Gwee.  I was, only,  able to make it half a lap. My asthma has always caused difficulties with much arm movement, especially anything above the shoulder level. It is going to take time, but I will push forward. Maybe by spring break I will be able to complete a whole lap. A cool thing, because of how I put the Gwee on, all I have to do is let the handles go ~ no holding, they are in place until I am ready to use them again. The less to hold, the better. It took a lap for my lungs to settle down. With one more lap I decided to try another idea. So, I put my arms out horizontal, palms down.  I did simple arm raises, up and down, slowly.  I was able to complete about a 1/4 of a lap.

I look forward to loopin’ time !!!


 I just received word about the death of a dear co-worker, so I will  share my other finds, next post.






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