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Our State Bird !!! February 25, 2017



I love to hear the melodious singing of the Western Meadowlark. This one was from Dub Paetz. I do not know what it is about the Meadowlark’s song that lifts my spirit. In my childhood years in Idaho, I loved it when the snow was gone enough and the Meadowlark returned with it’s glorious melody. Strange thing, I was sure I heard the same wonderful notes, this past Wednesday, while I was loopin’. I had been pretty bummed and those glorious notes warmed my soul. My heart was saddened, later that day with the news that someone in Oregon thinks the state bird needs no longer be the Western Meadowlark. REALLY ??? WHAT IN THE WORLD !!!     OREGON !!! Keep the Western Meadowlark our state bird !!!


Some time ago, I mentioned that we have off white carpet throughout our house. I love carpeted floors. It is important to me that my carpet is clean and looks new. I must admit that it has been difficult to keep the carpet clean with a couple of phases of  Chihuahua puppies.  Also, several years ago, there was an awful clay stain, at the sliding doors, created when the mountain behind our house was made: 20170225_092750.jpg

 At that time, a chipper semi was parked at our back fence. I was the only one that weeded behind the fence~I guess it was a nice park spot.  I now, have several trees back there. The tallest arborvitae, was transplanted by Shawn. The mountain,  in the back, originally was smaller. I remember watching the rigs pile MANY loads of dirt. They rolled, many times across the soil to pack it down. I thought the slant was too much and the rigs would tip over. It took me many years to not worry if the man made mountain would come falling down, because of  the mega rains storms we have here.  Anyways, the dust from the mountain making  project was awful. My Extractioner- carpet cleaning machine, a purchase from the 1980’s was very helpful. Due to over-use, another carpet cleaning machine was purchased. A lot of use from me and I loaned it out a few times. It needed to be replaced.  mightyprox3_1024x1024_3bc4f167-5482-461e-a0fc-26d2b1e2e1bc_large

It was quite a surprise when Bob bought me the Mighty Pro-Blue. I use it a couple times a year. It is very powerful and does a great job helping me clean the carpet.  I am amazed at how well our carpet has held up, after all the cleanings it has been through.  

I have been longing to find a machine that would take care of little problems. An example would be: this past summer, a bucket containing melted coconut oil dribbled  onto the carpet. It left a dribble trail of about 5 feet. The RugDoctor was helpful.  BUT, every few weeks the coconut oil dribble trail reveals itself. I do not want to take out my big machine for small areas. Oh and yes, the Chihuahuas have accidents that need more than just a rag cleaning.

During Christmas break, while watching a recorded movie, for some reason, I did not fast forward through a batch of commercials. There it was an electric gadget being used to clean linoleum. It was then used to clean a carpet stain. Wow I was excited !!! You see my steam mop broke, so I have been back to mopping on my hands and knees. I showed Bob the commercial. Guess what ???       A wonderful surprise came to our door.  A Bissell Crosswave All-in One Multi Surface Cleaner !!!  This machine is perfect for a picky cleaner like myself.  It works great on the linoleum!  It was easy and a blast cleaning our garage floor and the outdoor carpet on the garage floor !  Yes, I mop the garage regularly,   doesn’t everyone ?   The folks who made the Crosswave thought of everything. It is easy to use !!!  Also, all the parts are easy to remove and clean for the next job !!!  AND, they have a tray to station the Crosswave, during stop moments-which when some drippage usually occurs with water gadgets.   I love this gadget even though it is not blue. 


One more find !:

Being a cleaning fanatic, I have tried many products in hopes of finding the one I can use for a variety of situations.  Because of my lung sensitivities, it is important to find products that do not cause breathing issues. I have had NO bad reactions to GOOP ( ! For whatever reason, this past summer, after trying many products, on a stain, I slathered some GOOP, onto the stain.

goop-groupa_pg_111   I cleaned the Goop off, the spot was gone. Bob found a 4 and 1/2 pound size of  the white cream cleaning miracle working GOOP.     I have been experimenting: it has worked well on spots on fabric, stains on the carpet, it is great for cleaning the inside of my bus: the seats, flooring and ceiling. I hope the company doesn’t mind, but this is how I use GOOP. I scoop a bunch of GOOP into a big pouring type container, that has a screw on lid. and then I add  a small amount of H2O.   I shake it up until it looks like milk. I squirt it onto my cleaning rags, and wipe the messes away.  GOOP has been a thrilling find for me !!!     There you have it, some things that have made my life easier.  


See, I am not always, depressing ! Just tryin’ to grow on this grief journey.



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