Just Sharin'

Missing Our Cuddlz April 18, 2017



Zoro’s favorite phrase: “Be afraid, be very afraid !”

After Zoro died in May of 2004, Bob went searching for a new dog. We bought QT July of 2004.

QT at 8 weeks old.

   He is a Blue Fawn Chihuahua. We bought him from folks in Sweet Home.   It didn’t take long for Bob to decide that QT needed a friend. We often wondered if Zoro had been lonely.


It was December 13, 2004. I remember Bob picking me up from work, school bus driving, we were going to Newberg, that rainy evening. Bob had found a good deal for our next chihuahua. I remember being in the Freddie’s entrance. It seems the lady brought 2 pups with her, just in case Bob wanted the boy instead of the girl. I was holding the precious little girl. She seemed content to be in my arms. Bob had been holding her brother. I observed for a while, but I wanted to see how this little girl reacted to Bob, so we switched.  The little girl jumped to Bob’s face and was licking like crazy. Her reaction was all I needed to see. Bob recalls that she warmed her way into his heart and he knew that the money we brought with us was to be used after-all.   

Cuddlz at 8 weeks.


 When we arrived at home, QT seemed shocked when he saw Cuddlz. Immediately, she took over. She was not afraid of QT. She was rip-roarin’, trying to get QT to play. She found one of Bob’s hankies.  Such preciousness !!!    





Cuddlz liked QT’s idea of sleeping on Bob’s shoulders. Here she is yawning and QT freaked out.






Napping buddies.

One of  Bob’s favorite photo of QT & Cuddlz.

 Cuddlz loved eating. I loved how she would carry a carrot straight out the front of her mouth. She loved sleeping.  Often times she would make a contented snore noise when sleeping. When she was being held, she would make this noise from her throat like she was trying to talk. She made it clear she was okay.   We eat in our rocking chairs and watch the news, our dogs know the chairs are off limits until we have finished eating. Cuddlz eagerly sat at our feet until one or the other finished eating. She would drop her snack for us to  pick up and she would turn around so she could be picked up easily.  Since Bob started on fb, Cuddlz’ picture has been Bob’s fb photo. Bob just now reminded me.

 Something Bob and I thought was interesting: Cuddlz did not like any tension or harsh words.  She would paw and bother until she was picked up.  Mind you, Bob and I are pretty blessed, we do not have a lot of friction moments.

 Cuddlz was born October 16, 2004. Cuddlz was put to sleep April 10, 2017.  Cuddlz left  a big vacancy, in our lives !!!  Pet loss hurts more than I thought  possible !!!   I will close for now. I will put out a couple more posts about Cuddlz’ story, at  another time.  

Cuddlz and us.


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