Just Sharin'

A Month Gone May 10, 2017


I am writing about Cuddlz, mostly for a memory jog and trying to deal with her death events. I apologize if this offends folks, it is just a me thing.

I remember holding Cuddlz on Friday night( April 7th) and memories came flooding in. I remembered after we brought her home, she was so tiny, I was at the dining room table sewing ornaments. Cuddlz would position herself on my foot and sleep. Around that  time, she had gone outside in the cold. I went to check her. She was walking on the edge of our little plastic pond, just in time to grab her as she fell into the water.

 I remembered trying to train the dogs to walk with a leash. Cuddlz wouldn’t move. Shortly after that I took Cuddlz to our vet friend Chris, in Beaverton.  He told us that Cuddlz had grade 4 medial patellar luxation in both knees. This means her knee caps were not riding up and down in the groove (trochlea) at the end of her leg bones as they should have been but rather were displaced to the inside of both legs. Here is a picture: 

  WOW !!! I felt so bad for not understanding why she didn’t want to walk.   We have learned that Cuddlz death affected more than Bob and myself. QT sleeps in the last places Cuddlz did. Sometimes he is just standing, starring blankly~like he can’t figure out where Cuddlz went to. He sleeps at the head of the bed where Cuddlz used to sleep. Go figure, a person like me-who is a picky house keeper-letting the dogs on our bed.

Saturday, April 8th, Bob’s b.day, I had decided I was going to do as little as possible.  For some reason I wanted to give extra attention to Cuddlz. I was going to take Cuddlz into the Pet hospital, just for a check-up. But, first, I was going to give her a good brushing. With the season warming, her winter fur was shedding everywhere. I had a couple different glove and brush things to try. It turns out that this soft plastic bristle brush was her favorite. I usually save a product label to remember where I found an item. I have no idea where I brought this brush, but it is excellent !!! So here is a photo: 

 This time of year a lot of shedding happens, I wanted to get all the dogs brushed. I started with QT then Tiger and Tuffy. I used the glove thing. It worked fine and did not cause discomfort. I used the glove on Cuddlz, but as is normal for her, a lot of hair. It was too much for the glove. From somewhere, at sometime, I had bought this brush thing. I worked great. Cuddlz laid down as if she were getting a back rub. She acted like she loved it. I was able to get a bunch of hair off Cuddlz. She kept making her talk noise of contentment. When I was finished she wandered around as if she felt lighter.

I decided to sit a see if there was a mystery movie to watch. Cuddlz was at my chair before I sat down waiting to join me. She preferred sitting at my right side. She quickly dozed off. How I miss her contented snore. Since Cuddlz has been gone I have not wanted the other dogs to take her place, so I move  to the right. Just a me thing. I miss seeing Cuddlz snuff at the door when Bob comes home.

  After some time I took Cuddlz to the front window. Folks were playing in the park. She was busy looking from one end of the park to the other. No barking just tired breathing.    April 9th: I woke up suddenly. I couldn’t hear Cuddlz’ cute snore. There was no movement from her. I gently patted her, at first there was no reaction. I kept my hand on her, sure she was gone. Suddenly, Cuddlz jumped awake. She made her cute noise and fell asleep, rather quickly. Bob said he had had the same type of experiences.  I dreaded getting up Monday morning. I figured I wouldn’t see Cuddlz again.  I will write one more post about Cuddlz, because of the similarities with Shawn’s last days. 


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