Just Sharin'

Mother’s Day Weekend May 14, 2017

Well, it has been a strange week. I still find many special days, kind-of sad. Each one reminds me of the hole in my heart, from Shawn’s goneness. I was going to have a simple weekend. I had a very tough Friday meeting, to ease from my thoughts. I wanted to pray for all involved in the meeting. I prayed that God would use the words silent and spoken,  for His glory. My doubt is in how God can use a broken vessel like me to make a stand ???  


I began my Saturday ironing. As is true when washing dishes, by hand, ironing calms me~~~go figure !!! I turned on the television and President Trump was giving a commencement speech at Liberty University. Their theme is so wonderful: Champions For Christ !!!  I know the speech was intended to encourage the graduates, but God chose words, through President Trump, to encourage my aching heart.

 I haven’t given our dogs a bath since the week before Cuddlz died. I decided to find some songs for bath-time listening. I  love Elvis Presley’s voice. He has a voice the is so beautiful, powerful and easy to listen to. I found these songs encouraging.  Yes, they are my favorites.



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