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A Kidney Stone !!! May 24, 2017


For as long as I can remember,  it has been said that: A Kidney Stone !!!, is the worst pain.  If that is what you believe, you may want to stop reading, now.  I speak for myself.  I am dealing with the passing of a kidney stone, only the size of 3 mm. It is stuck where the ureter meets the bladder. It has traveled quite some distance, since 12 AM Sunday morning, May 21. I am looking forward to its exit.  

I am going to give a little tell about my kidney stone’s journey.  First, I need to set the stage of my goings on,

On Saturday, May 20th, I was going to take things easy. I went to a couple of stores, I went to get copies made for a new idea I had for my elementary passengers: A Bus Report Card.  An idea I absolutely love. When my passengers heard me tell of it to our troubled passenger, they chimed in wanting one, as well. That tell is for another time. I picked up treats for our neighbor dog and Kombucha, for me. My last stop was to get a watch fixed. When I arrived home, I had only a few short hours before Bob would arrive home. Suddenly, my list of needing to dos seemed overwhelming. Why had I felt so relaxed earlier in the day ?  I plowed into tasks, even added an hour of weeding. However, I did save ironing for last. Bob was working on a project, so I knew I wouldn’t be in his way.  Bob went to bed before midnight, as I was putting the last of the laundry away.  I believe my body was going through a nesting type phase, like the phase before  a woman goes into labor.  

I was restless. I checked my email. I had an unexpected message from my friend , the one who is in Artificial Intelligence.  I played the recording. For some reason my computer, upstairs played the recording too quickly and repeatedly. I went downstairs to see how my laptop played it.          It was Shawn’s voice !!!  I plopped down into my rocking chair, I wanted to send a thank you note to my friend.  As I plopped, at midnight,  I sneezed a very hard pain-filled sneeze. The pain did not stop. The pain grew and I knew I would not be sending out a thank you email.  

As the pain grew worse,  I could not stand to hear extra noise. I thought when I shut off the television that things would lessen. Nope. This strange pain grew in intensity, making it difficult to find any position of ease.  I thought back to see if I could figure what might have been the cause.   For dinner, I had eaten my wonderful Beluga Lentils. They do not cause me digestive problems. But, after my sneeze, that was the prominent taste in my mouth.  I paced around the living room, I do not know how many times. I wish now that I had worn my FitBit Zip. I kept hoping all my pacing would not wake Bob. He had had a rough week. I kept pacing. Every so often, I would stop to lean over the couch to see if I could find relief. I tried  a suppository, drinking very warm water, my natural pain relieving gel~Sombra~ on  the front and back of my mid-section.  I tried my Mini Masseuse-Pro Series. All the while I was praying that God would help me figure out how to get the pain gone. Church was in a few short hours and I needed some rest. I am pretty sure I started begging God to make the pain go away. Only God knows why He let the pain grow.   

It must have been near 8 AM when Bob came down the stairs. The bad taste in my mouth made me not want to be close to  Bob while I was talking, but for some reason, he couldn’t hear me very well. He decided we needed to go to Emergency. I thought I just needed time to deal with the pain, and he could go to church alone.  Somehow, we went to urgent care, near our house. We were sent to a small Emergency type hospital across the road. They recommended a trip to a bigger emergency, for various testings. Bob says I was very slow at walking, in and out of the various buildings, but I knew that a wheelchair would not be comfortable. I even refused an ambulance ride to the last Emergency stop. No way could I get comfortable in that setting. My car was the best choice.  

I was asked the give a number to my pain. 8.5 was my choice. As long as I could walk, even very slow, the pain was not a 10.  I recall Bob telling the E.R. doctor that if I said 8.5 for the pain, it was probably higher. She said when she heard 8.5, she knew they were dealing with a stubborn one. I won’t give the names of the pain relievers they tried. I just know they had to keep increasing. I was asked to sit down for various readings and needle situations. Oh, here is a positive: because of all my hospital times, growing up, I knew I had jumping veins. I told the lab person. He seemed pleased and was able to figure the best approach for my I.V. One little needle poke is all it took !!!   The donut imaging machine revealed a 3 mm sized kidney stone, other tests revealed my white blood count at 16 and the top number for my bp had gotten to 189. I didn’t think to write details down~oh bother !!!  I was filled with fluids, but the awful lentil taste did not go away.

I think it was about 4 PM that we were sent home. I had no idea what to expect.What does a 3 mm kidney stone look like ? Would I notice or would it hurt when it exited ?  So, I had Bob draw me the approximate size.  All the while I was trying to figure out a tinkle kit for catching my kidney stone. I did: a large cup, a strainer and paper towels cut into fourths.

I went to a urologist, on Tuesday. He told me the stone was stuck at the end of the urethra before it enters into the bladder. I was given 3 choices for taking care of it.  I do not like surgery, so I chose to manage the pain as best as I could. He recommended I get a kit for straining. He chuckled when I showed him my kidney stone kit. It was better than what they could give me, especially when I am at work.  He told me that if the kidney does not pass within 4 weeks I need to make other plans for getting rid of my kidney stone. Oh and I was glad he had a different product than Oxycodone. Words of wisdom: if, like me, you have an almost non-functioning digestive system, Oxycodone is not your friend. Because of the Oxy, I have another situation to deal with: my digestive system. Bob said in all our almost 30 years of marriage, that my belly hasn’t ever been this big, for this long.  

The push is on. My goal is to drive bus on Thursday. Wednesday morning I ate helpful things for my digestive system. A positive reaction helped a lot with no Oxy for 28 hours. At 6:30 AM I laid down for a rest. As I was lying on my left side, almost asleep, I felt a kerplunk, in my right kidney area, at which time a sense of gut calm began.  Now the wait !!!

At the beginning of this wordy post I stated: For as long as I can remember,  it has been said that: A Kidney Stone !!!, is the worst pain.  Why would I say that ??? It seems to be commonly agreed to. Well, that saying doesn’t hold true from my experience. Sure my kidney stone is only 3 mm, but it is not the worst pain I have endured. I realize men cannot understand this, but back labor with my daughter Melissa and the limits of medications because of asthma,  that was worse. !!!  I have had a vaginal hysterectomy, with several nurses holding me down while the gauze-the size of a basketball, was being pulled out, that was worse than this kidney stone !!!  Something men and women both can have done: a Nasal/Septo and or a Caldwell Luc- both are sinus surgeries. When the gauze was removed each time, and blood was gushing, everywhere, that was worse that my 3 mm kidney stone.   Also, something men and women share, the actual physical heartache of childloss is far and above worse than this kidney stone episode. No offense meant. A kidney stone is not fun, but as far as being the worst pain to endure, it’s probably not !!!   I anxiously await my little stones departure. I hope Bob and I will learn why God thought we needed another challenge.








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