Just Sharin'

Well, Hello Folks !!! July 29, 2017


Well, hello folks. I am actually feeling better,  from my kidney stone episode, so much so that I have been working super hard on our very tiny yard. If you saw our yard, you would find yourself wondering how I could spend so much time working on it. Fact is I had over done my efforts and my doctor told me to ease up. She was right, Wednesday night I was hurting so badly that I could not sleep. Nothing was interesting on the television and I knew my least liked emotion was brewing~I was missing Shawn, extremely. I decided to do some surfing from my recliner.            

The past several days, I have had several songs repeat many times. These songs I have liked from the early 90’s, when our family was going through some very difficult times. The last song I listened to was: “The Anchor Holds” with Ray Boltz singing. I had noticed another title selection: The Story Behind – “The Anchor Holds” written and performed by Lawrence Chewning.  For some reason the words Lawrence spoke made my emotional flood waters spew forth.  So, instead of posting 1 of the 3 posts I had ready, I am just sharing what I found on YouTube. I will leave it at that. Take care now. K


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