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Sharin’ Ornament Photos December 20, 2015

I am not sure if this is going to work. Folks have been sending me photos of their ornaments from me. I thought it would be fun to share them.  I am going to post those photos here and update when a new photo comes to me. I will not use names unless given permission.  I do not know why it has been fun seeing my ornaments creatively displayed, but it has been. I hope others will get the word and send me photos. I am sending out my last batch,  for 2015. Now I can start on the ornament for 2016. I do not know how many folks remember the song: “This Little Light …”  ???

Here is the photo that gave me this idea:

Velinda's Ornaments

Here is another one:

Lisa Poindexter

And Sign

Paulette's Ornaments

And Sign

Okay folks, send me some more photos !!!


I am still  hoping Mom will send a photo of her tree so you could better see how things are displayed.

And Sign

Dawn 1         

My beautiful cousin Kathy Million-Kitzmiller makes these ornaments every year. Always a different on. I love it Thank You !

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My Aunt Alice had fun fixing a place for the ornaments. We learned that she is missing one. Guess I have some work to do !!!      a.-alices-ornaments.jpg.jpeg IMG_25251

Ornaments I Have Made

About Noah’s Dove November 23, 2015


Noah's Ark & Dove  The dove: I wonder if anyone has thought much about Noah’s dove ?  Well, go figure, it is how my mind works. So, I asked folks what came to mind when they thought about Noah’s dove. To my dismay, all had commented that they never thought anything about the dove.  I had to get the ball rolling. I asked folks if they thought the dove knew what Noah was wanting it to do ? The following are some of the thoughts folks came up with:  

 * Did the dove think it was being punished ?   * Did the dove think it wasn’t wanted ?   * Did the dove wonder why it was chosen to go ?   * The  fresh air must have been nice.   * Was the air cold ?    * Was the dove excited to fly out ?   * Did the dove have to be coaxed out ?   * A  couple times, the dove was called: her, why ?   * How did the dove know where to go ?   * What did the dove drink ?   * How far did the dove know to fly before turning back ?   *  3 exhausting trips.   * Did the dove wonder what it would do if it strained a wing ?   * How did the dove know how to get back to the ark ?   * Would Noah be there  with open arms ?   How did the dove know to bring a branch on that 3rd trip ?   * What if there was a downpour ?   * Did the dove worry about it’s mate ?   * Who was going to take care of her family ?   * When the dove did not return, was it’s mate sad ?     

2015-07-12 17.28.48-120151123_180611 20151123_180919

No, I am not looking for any real answers. I just cannot help but wonder how the trip was for the dove. A lot of times, I feel like I am kind of like Noah’s dove. God has let me out of a window, why me ? Where am I to go ? What am I to do ? Will I know when I have arrived ? Who will be there when I am spent ?  Will my master be able to say: Well Done Good and Faithful Servant - Matthew 25:21I struggled a lot with the 2014/15 ornament. So much is different, since Shawn died. Recently, it was told to me, “Just be you.  Do what you do, do what comes natural. God will use you how and when He chooses.  You do not need to go searching for who needs your help or support. God will send to you whom He needs.”    God made this very clear to me, at a surprise birthday party,  for a friend. I met a bunch of folks who care very much for this friend, we have in common. Yes, God was meeting her needs, as she, too, learned at her party.        

Just ponderin’.








Ornaments I Have Made

2014 Hope / Dove

2014  / Dove   2014 / Hope

I won’t say anything about this ornament, yet. I think I mentioned that I am changing when I send the ornaments out. I plan on having the new send out time shortly before Thanksgiving.  I have learned that I should expect it will take me several years to come to grips with Shawn’s Situation. It was recommended to me, that I cut out as much as possible, various obligation type things. So, the months of December through May, I am trying to teach myself not to feel guilty for doing the bare minimum.  There is so much to learn with this grief stuff.