Hello !!!

Hello !!!                                                                                                                                                Just some tid-bits.                                                                                                                             My favorite color is blue. The Pacific shore, I love sunsets, is where  I prefer to be, no matter the weather. 3 is my favorite number.                                                                                             I have a daughter, Melissa. We shared a lot of time, together, at Shawn’s bedside. Yes, I will mention her, frequently.                                                                                                          During the week, I transport K-12 passengers.  Champ (the name of the school bus  I drive) can seat up to 84 passengers.  Having a clean bus is top on my To Do list.                                   For the past 11 years, I have made my own Christmas Card  Ornaments.  I send out to a couple hundred, to family and friends, each year.                                                                           My Watahan Sauna, is where I decompress.                                                                                   My son Shawn, was in a house fire December 2012. He had deep tissue burns that covered more than 73% of his body. He was in Harborview 1 day short of 5 months, before he died. During that time, I had been writing *long* updates on his condition, on fb. It was the easiest way to communicate to the majority of our family and friends.   There were many times I was not going to write another post, then, out of no where, someone would comment about what they read, and encouraged me to not stop writing-how they knew what I was contemplating, I do not know.                                                                                                                               After Shawn died, I was going to be finished with writing.  I had several friends, out of the blue, asking if I was going to keep writing ?      Then, one of my friends, set me up *blogging*. Moving  Mercifully Forward is my journey through grief. It is raw, very real and, as my husband says, “very depressing”. It is my hope that something I share will be spot on for someone going through their own challenges-whatever they may be.  I try to pepper each post with some kind of life experience, in hopes of making the reads, interesting.   In time, when I read back, I hope to see I have grown—right now, I cannot fathom how God can make “beauty from these ashes”.                                                                                                                        For family and friends to know how I am doing, I prefer they read my posts. I can say it better, there/here.   Having pretty bad asthma, there are a lot of times, I just plumb don’t feel like talking.                                                                                                                                 It would be great to hear from others, as they journey with me.  I am sure we all can learn from one another, and or be encouraged.                                                                                         Bye, K                                                                                   

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