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Just Re-figuring Things October 22, 2016


Hello Folks, well I am bummed !!! 

My asthma voice does not record well. I may have to go back to just typed posts~~~I am just re-figuring things. I need to get my breathing under better control and figure out how I can better voice things. Most days, I can control the wheezing sound, but it is exhausting work. To go through and try to eliminate all the wheezing noises would be extremely difficult. I will check with my listeners who are hard of hearing, and find out if they can understand me~this way. So, please be patient while I figure out what is the best solution.

All my growing up years, with asthma, the doctors would look at my nails. They would tell me they were blue. I just thought my nails were normal, until last night. For whatever reason, I looked at my nails, they were a pale blue. It reminded me what doctors had said, in years gone by. I, actually, was alarmed.

A friend reminded me that ginger helps with asthma times. So, today, I am using my tinctures of: ginger, cinnamon and peppermint. Truth be told, when I was like this growing up, I would be taken to the hospital. The times of most relief came when a nurse would give me a shot of adrenaline.  I get emotional when I remember those times. I could feel the medicine travel through my veins. Then, almost suddenly, the pain in my lungs went away, I was able to breathe without work.         Thus far, there is nothing that has made my lungs feel so good.  I have taught myself how to use inhalers in a more effective way than most medical folks will teach. There are times when my breathing condition is just too much for most medicines to tackle. 

How strange, Monday morning when I stepped onto the track, my lungs had this most wonderful feeling. They were breathing, fully, with no pain and no extra hard work !!! It was so wonderful !!! Then, Friday morning, the fight for each breath, was on.   Maybe my doctor who told me that while grief was strong, my lungs would not be center stage and that as my grief lessened my asthma might return, even worse. Maybe he was right. How do I get my mind to chase my asthma away ? My adrenals have been in overload, for many years. I hope my tinctures and Kombucha will be effective.

Maybe, most of you have good breathing and are not cognisant of your every breath you take, so this will make no sense to you. I do apologize. I do not say this for sympathy. I am simply sharing. Maybe someone out there has some helpful information ?

I am going to share what I put up on my facebook site. Just to let you know about one of the projects I am trying to get finished. 

October 17 at 12:42pm ·

 Hello folks. I am working on a beach decorating idea for Jan., for those who have lost a special person to death. I need flower petals I can dry. Oh yes, if you would like me to put your special person’s name or nickname, on the decoration, let me know soon so I can get letter cuttings done. I am hoping to give folks a precious moment for their precious person. If this is confusing let me know. Please get flower petals to me-dried flowers will work, as well. Take care, K 
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