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Happy B.day, Melissa !!! July 14, 2017


Hello Melissa !!! I know we haven’t spoken in a while, hoping to give you plenty of study time. However, I have been praying earnestly for you to score well !!! I hope you have a wonderful b.day. I hope you know I love you dearly !!! I found a piece of amazing art work by: Hannah Dunnett. It is Psalm 139, I hope you can find comfort in it’s words.

I love you, my precious Melissa !!! 

Now a word from cute little Blotto: 



           Just for fun !!!


Audio is Available, Blotto, Just Sharin'

Melissa’s 34th B.day July 14, 2016

Melissas Birth Card2015-07-16 17.17.34   Well, I was going to wait and put this out at Melissa’s birth time, but I wanted to get her b.day started sooner. I hope my precious daughter enjoys her b.day !!! I love you !!!


The Spokane Rooster, on Wall Street



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