My Grief Challenges

My Fantabulous RugDoctor August 3, 2014

Our house was built in 1990. We bought it when it was a little over a year old. The carpet was off white. Our carpet has been a comfort pad for 5 dogs, it has gone through the ravages clay soil can throw forth. When the mountain was built behind our house, the clay dust left an awful path a few feet inside the sliding glass door. Also, during the mountain built, the chipper semi was on the back side of our fence. The dust from that was impossible to keep up with. Oh, and the vibrations when the truck was grinding, “ugh”.                                                                  A few years ago, we came across these super soak up rugs. It was our hope these rugs were going to save our carpet. Nope, the black backing faded onto the off-white carpet. Last year I did not clean the carpet, but the other day, I could no longer tolerate the non-off white carpet.   I was going to call a carpet cleaning service, but, where would our four dogs go, and for how many hours ? I decided to tackle the task on my own. I was certain the effort was going to be futile.    My fantabulous RugDoctor paid for itself.  Yes, I did do some pretreatment on some areas.   I am grateful that God gave someone the idea of making a potable machine that would clean carpet, for the picky people like me.    20140730_065822 20140730_091746     Pretty happy with the results.   After all the years of cleaning our carpet—I am amazed that there are carpet fibers left.  Thanks, RugDoctor !!!

The months Shawn was in the hospital, I recall thanking God, often, as we saw first hand the ways man has used God given abilities to help others, in trying situations.

I enjoyed meeting many who were in charge of the dialysis machine. Each one had willingly explained the parts  of the machine and how it worked.                                                      Shawn had suffered from 73% deep tissue burns.  We learned that there were different ways to create new skin, on Shawn’s scorched body.     I will very  briefly share 3:     Autograph done when the healthy skin from the victim is used to cover a burn area.       Xenograph, was done, using  pig skin-the areas that needed to be covered, were large and Shawn did not have big areas, unburned.       Later, samples of skin were taken from Shawn’s inner thigh and sent to a lab in Massachusetts. Where the tissue was allowed to grow.  It was a big event for the hospital when the Massachusetts team delivered Shawn’s  Integra skin.                                                                 I was allowed to watch as the Ultrasound machine as it  made pictures of Shawn’s heart showing how it was functioning. Only after the technician  showed me what was what did I begin to see the heart functions- I recall him asking me if I wanted to view it in  color, for my untrained eye, that was very helpful.                                                                                                                       One day, as I was near room 911,  I overheard a couple of women outside Shawn’s room, talking about a new cardio chair. A chair that is in 3 sections (back, seat and legs) for easy adjustment from bed to chair positions, the sitting position giving relief to the lungs and circulation.  The women were in a very joyful mood. They were so excited about the improvements, and thrilled to get to meet the patient and his mom. They had told me about hearing of Shawn’s story and how it touched them-they even let their tears flow unashamedly.  To this day, I am not sure who they were- I was only told that the chair was a special gift.


Just a side note:–while working on this year’s ornament, I had taken the hot tip out of the wood burning tool-with needle nose pliers. to put a different tip in. For some reason I thought I needed to move the hot tip to a better place. I had thought it had cooled enough. With my index finger and thumb-I grabbed—the burning sensation, from that less than a second touch, made my whole body jerk and experience a painful tingle. I had a private  meltdown.   I had seen Shawn’s burned body-73% deep tissue. I cannot not even begin to imagine the pain he endured.   At one time, I had been instructed to tap-lightly-the less burned areas. It was the doctors hope that this would encourage the healing. Shawn’s physical therapist was so patient while  teaching me.   What made it challenging was all the bandages, and the cushion boots —I could not figure how hard to tap.    Each tap I did, made my body cringe. All I could think was that I was adding to my son’s agony.



Regarding Dejunking:                                                                                                                                    In my efforts trying to get some things dejunked, there are 3 things-thus far, that I have learned:

1. Don’t  give up, and, don’t add new items. It may seem overwhelming, but every moment spent on task, will be effective.

2. Have a goal. Decide how often and how much time you are wanting to delegate toward this endeavor.  I will be adding Dejunk times onto my workout chart.

3. Prepare for stress.  One of the containers I needed to sort through, had a few photos of Shawn, that I had forgotten about.  You may need to set aside the containers that hold too many memories. Work on the ones that can be done fairly quickly. Being able to get , even a small amount sorted through, is very important.

Regarding Exercise:


The DVD I have chosen, says 30 days———-.   33 being  my favorite number, I started 3 days earlier.  I plan on using this workout for 33 times (Sundays excluded)-in hopes of improvement on: breathing, healthier limbs and joints. and I would be tickled if I lost  some weight.   I couldn’t find a calendar to work for this section, so I came up with a way to show  my workout times.   In time, I hope to come up with a better charting idea.

July 29: !,  30: !,  31: !, August !: !,  2: ! .

20140106_110530  Just for fun !!!